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Hybrid Yacht advantages

Advantages of Full Parallel Hybrid on Yachts

hybrid electric yacht propulsion

Select an e-Motion Hybrid system and discover all the advantages and benefits

  • Traditional diesel direct shaft propulsion remains unaltered

  • Fuel consumption is reduced up to 30% in Economy Navigation Mode

  • Long-range destination transfer by your crew at the lowest cost

  • Reduce engine running hours on propulsion engines and generators

  • Fast batteries charging: 90% charge in only 35 min. or less

  • International worldwide shore power compatibility

  • Our hybrid system is maintenance-free. Only the dedicated water cooling pumps require service

  • Permanent magnet technology of the electric engines and alternators: lightweight + power on-demand

  • Increased performances through Power Boost Mode

  • Higher resale value of the vessel

Improved Quality of Life On Board

  • Avoid waking sleeping guests in cabins by turning on diesel engines. Silently depart to your destination in Electric Zero-Emissions Propulsion Mode.

  • Full electric navigation in the medium range - or with the push of a button - switch to Hybrid Navigation Mode

  • After mooring, turn off your generators and run your yacht on battery power

  • In zero pollution, enjoy the peaceful sound of the sea instead of the hum and vibrations of the generators

  • Zero-Emissions Hotel Mode enhances the enjoyment of your favourite place on board: the swimming platform and aft deck

  • Play and swim in the sea behind your yacht without noxious exhaust fumes and noise from generators

hybrid electric sailboat fishing

Enjoy the sound of the sea

  • The hybrid motor yacht becomes as silent as a sailboat while cruising in Diesel-Electric and Zero-Emission Mode

  • Silent fishing/trolling in Full Electric Mode. Reel in your fish without breathing noxious exhaust fumes. Enjoy the sound of the ocean while fishing

  • Noise-free dining and guest entertainment, even while cruising

  • Reduce environmental exhaust and water pollution

  • Drastically reduce your vessels yearly CO2 emissions

hybrid Yacht Zero Emissions

Explore more Destinations and Extend the Range of your Planned Cruise in Comfort and with Fuel Savings

“Hybrid power grants the highest standards in terms of noise and vibration reduction. Cruising on Bintador is really pleasant; sometimes it’s hard to notice you are actually moving. The owner’s preference is the electric mode when he is on board.”

Sergio Dompé, Owner - SanLorenzo 86'
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