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The Mind Behind the Power

80 Years and three generations of marine propulsion experience

Italian Marine Engine Expert - Michele Maggi, Visionary of e-Motion. Born and bred in the marine diesel engine business, Michele Maggi is no stranger to the industry. Michele’s grandfather, Archangelo Maggi, founded the Italmotor company in the 1930s and was the exclusive distributor of MTU marine engines for the Italian market. His son, Luciano, took over in the 1960s, and his grandson, Michele, followed in his steps in the late 1980s, becoming the CEO of Italmotor.

The Knowledge

Assembling diesel engines from start to finish

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Florence, Michele spent two years at the MTU factory headquarters in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Obsessed with engines and their mechanics, Maggi deliberately requested to be placed at the bottom of the factory line and worked his way up through the entire process of assembling a diesel engine from start to finish. Later, product development, marketing, and sales order processing completed his training.

Upon returning to Italy and fluent in German and English, he rapidly became indispensable to MTU and yacht builders. His expertise in diesel engine mechanics combined with problem-solving proved to be a winning combination for all. As a result, Michele became the top multi-brand dealer with the highest number of engines sold worldwide.

Jeannine, Michele and Sofia Maggi

Jeannine, Michele and Sofia Maggi

The mission
Yacht electric Motor


Guiding yachts towards electrification

In 2003, Michele teamed up with nautical giant Norberto Ferretti, streamlining the process of acquisition and installation of engine room components for the multi-brand. In the meantime, the concept and trend of electric propulsion fascinated both men. The Mochi 23 m. Long-Range released in 2006 was the first hybrid yacht for the brand. However, as variable speed generators were not yet available, unfortunately, only two options of propulsion existed at the time: full electric or full diesel.

Despite the economic crisis of 2008, Michele continued research and development, culminating with the introduction in 2014 of the first e-Motion hybrid on the SanLorenzo 106’. The yacht endured extensive sea-trials, performance tests and, boasts the latest battery technology. The results of these investments are the commercialization of all the desired modes and functions of the e-Motion Hybrid standard system.

I had fought on behalf of man against the sea, 

but I realized that it had become more urgent 

to fight on behalf of the sea against men.

Alain Bombard, Biologist

The facts

The Facts

The world is going electric, and the marine industry is no exception. 

Selling over 15,000 marine engines to date and creating a turnover of more than 1 billion Euros of sales, Michele’s livelihood and legacy depend on traditional diesel-fueled motors. However, he firmly believes the future of powering yachts lies in sustainable energy. An avid fisherman, PADI Rescue scuba diver, and boat enthusiast, his respect for nature and the ocean are infinite.

The e-Motion hybrid system will enhance the quality of life on board and the resale value of the vessel. In addition to drastically reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs, more importantly, owners will diminish their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions becoming eco-conscious individuals.

Today, e-Motion offers a full range of hybrid systems for yachts ranging from 40 ft.- 250 ft.

Michele Maggi
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