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e-Motion Hybrids

Why is the e-Motion hybrid propulsion system superior to other hybrids on the market?

The e-Motion hybrid propulsion system is lighter, smaller, and user-friendly, offering fully automated functionalities for the captain, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. 

Which type of hybrid marine engine should I install on my yacht or boat, the Serial or the Parallel Hybrid configuration?

The Serial Hybrid is ideal for full-displacement and semi-displacement hulls. The Parallel Hybrid is excellent for all types of yachts and, when desired, also offers conventional propulsion at the push of a button.

What will be my environmental impact after installing a hybrid system?

Your yachts' environmental impact is reduced from 50-70%. Depending on which hybrid you install, you can enjoy up to 90% of your time spent on your yacht in Full-Electric mode.

Can e-Motion hybrid propulsion retrofit sailing yachts?

Yes, it is possible to refit larger sailing yachts if the yachts' main propulsion engines are over 300hp. The ideal retrofit situation is when the owner decides to upgrade all the main components in the engine room, including the main propulsion engines and generators.

Can e-Motion hybrid propulsion retrofit motor yachts?

Yes, it is also possible. Of course, it is easier if the owner is retrofitting the engine room with new propulsion engines, generators, and equipment. Should you decide to keep your existing engines in a flanged-on version, we would need to dismantle the engine room completely, rework the engine's foundation and exhaust gas system. In some cases, this doesn't make financial sense. However, if you have a V-Drive configuration, the hybrid conversion is much easier and therefore, it is not necessary to dismantle the engine room.

Will the hybrid increase the speed performance of my yacht?

Generally, we aim to keep the same top speed of the yacht while offering enhanced comfort during Full-Electric, Diesel-Electric, and Zero-Emissions Modes. Although, it is possible to improve the speed performance if specifically requested.

Are the electronic commands customer-friendly, and does one need special training to use the hybrid system?

e-Motion's commands are just as customer-friendly as an iPhone or iPad. The quick start page contains four touch buttons to control automatically: Diesel-Electric, Full-Electric, Diesel Traditional Propulsion Mode, and Dock-Anchor Mode. It will take the captain roughly half a day's training to learn how to use the system. The only maintenance required is cleaning the traditional fresh and saltwater cooling pumps; the rest of the system is maintenance-free.


Do the batteries comply with the highest marine classification society standard?

Batteries must have type approval for installation onboard; therefore, all batteries must meet all of the highest marine classification society standards.

Are the batteries fireproof?

Battery packs built for marine applications are constructed in a way they cannot explode or produce fire. Marine batteries can resist direct flame from other sources for over five minutes without catching fire. The current classification society requires more than 30 seconds; therefore, they have a high-grade level of fireproofing.

How many years will the batteries last, and what does the battery pack's replacement cost?

The new generation of lithium-ion batteries with LFP chemistry has a cycle life of 6,000 cycles. A typical yacht uses 150-200 cycles per year, so the replacement should take 15-20 years. By that time, the batteries will be so advanced; it is unimaginable how powerful they will be.

Installation and Maintenance

Are the batteries, electric engines, and inverters liquid-cooled?

Yes, all the batteries, electric engines, and inverters are liquid-cooled. We supply the cooling system, including; pumps, control panel, and heat-exchanger.

Does the e-Motion hybrid system require extra space in the engine room?

No. The e-Motion hybrid marine solution fits into the existing space of the engine room.

Do you deliver the hybrid propulsion package ready to install to the shipyard?

Yes, our hybrid propulsion package is plug-and-play and can be installed like any other propulsion package. The only additional requirement is to bring a power cable to the inverter and a piping system to the electric engine and inverter.

Do I need to install standard generators?

No. Actually, even in the most basic hybrid systems, you can construct your boat without generators. The reason is - the two main propulsion engines, with electric engines and clutch attached, are, in fact, two generators. In addition, the battery pack is also considered a generator (even though it has a limited life span), as the two main propulsion engines can fast charge the batteries in as little as 20 minutes also in a neutral position at anchor in a bay.

Are e-Motion's data wires plug and play?

Yes, they are plug-and-play.

What kind of maintenance does your hybrid system require?

The Parallel Hybrid's main propulsion engines do require standard maintenance, as do the diesel engines of the variable speed generators in both the Serial and Parallel configurations. The rest of the equipment, electric engines, batteries, and inverters are maintenance-free.

If there is an electronics failure of the power management system, what happens?

In a Parallel Hybrid configuration, you can switch your yacht back to traditional propulsion at any moment, and this applies to the generators, as well. The Serial Hybrid’s manual switches operate the invertors and work without any electronic control of the power management system.


What could be the range of my yacht using Full-Electric Mode?

Depending on the type and size of the vessel, we deliver systems with a range from 15-80 nautical miles in Full Electric before having to recharge the batteries. In as little as 30-60 minutes with Fast-Charge Mode, the batteries will be charged and ready to navigate in Full-Electric or Diesel-Electric Mode.

What will be the range I can cruise in Diesel-Electric mode?

The e-Motion hybrid extends the current range of your vessel in Diesel-Electric Mode. For example, a catamaran cruising at 8kts will consume 17-20 lt per hour. By implementing the e-Motion Parallel Hybrid propulsion system, we can extend the catamaran's range from 1800 to 2500 miles - that's 700 miles. If we look at a typical motor yacht cruising at 10 knots and consuming 40-70lt per hour, the extended range in Diesel-Electric Mode increases by 20%. Therefore, a 52-meter megayacht will have the same environmental impact as two small 10-meter boats with twin 450hp diesel engines.

I have a sportfishing yacht. How long can I troll at 6.5 knots in Full-Electric?

Our larger battery packs are engineered for sport fisherman's, so you can troll at 6.5 knots for 4-5 hours or sailfish all day with the bow into the wind. Our typical Parallel Fishing Hybrid package usually does not foresee generators.

How much fuel can I save using a Serial Hybrid?

By increasing the size of the battery packs or using a serial hybrid, you can save from 65-70% of fuel. Even in a Parallel Hybrid configuration, the fuel savings are at least 50% a year. You can achieve this by operating the yacht at Zero-Emissions Mode for manoeuvres and using the Full-Electric and Diesel-Electric Navigation Modes while cruising. Therefore, a 52-meter megayacht will produce the same fuel consumption as two small 10-meter boats with twin 450hp diesel engines.

When will e-Motion Hybrid propulsion become full electric with no diesel engines?

As soon as the battery energy density will reach 500-600 watt-hours per kilo!

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