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Full Parallel Hybrid - 10 Functional Modes

1. Full-Diesel Traditional Propulsion

  • In this mode, the yacht can be operated traditionally, even if the hybrid system is off: both in hardware and software

2. Diesel-Electric Navigation Mode

  • Main diesel engines are off

  • Variable speed generators produce electrical power to operate the electric motors

  • Top comfort medium/long range navigation

3. Zero-Emissions Navigation Mode

  • All the internal combustion engines are off

  • Only the high voltage batteries supply power to the electric motors and to the Hotel Load

  • Zero noise while cruising

  • Zero pollution

4. Economy Navigation Mode

  • Only one main diesel engine is on

  • The engine supplies power to the system through the alternator mode of the electric engine

  • Both shafts are operative as one is powered by the main diesel engine and the second one by the electrical motor

  • In this mode, the electrical power for propulsion, Hotel Load, and the battery charge is generated by the shaft alternator

  • Both the generators can be switched off

  • Measured overall fuel savings up to 30%

  • Engine running hours drastically reduced