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The Italian Sea Group announces sale of the Admiral Panorama 53m powered by e-Motion Hybrid Systems

The Italian Sea Group has once again demonstrated their expertise in luxury yacht building by selling its latest Panorama 53m superyacht. This stunning vessel, constructed in aluminium and featuring the e-Motion Parallel Hybrid, is the third in the Panorama product line and promises to offer a unique yachting experience to its future owners.

53 meters Yacht Admiral Panorama with e-Motion Hybrid engine system
Admiral Panorama with e-Motion Hybrid Engine - Image credits:

The Admiral Panorama 53m superyacht boasts a sleek and modern exterior design, with sweeping lines and a striking black and white colour scheme. Its spacious interior is equally impressive, featuring luxurious accommodations for up to 12 guests across six cabins, as well as separate living quarters for up to 12 crew members.

One of the most unique features of this superyacht is its parallel hybrid propulsion system, which combines diesel and electric power to offer a more eco-friendly and efficient cruising experience. With a top speed of 16 knots and a range of 4,000 nautical miles, this vessel is ideal for long-range cruising and exploring some of the world's most breathtaking destinations.

In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, the Admiral Panorama 53m superyacht also offers a range of luxurious amenities and features. These include a spacious sundeck with a Jacuzzi and bar, a beach club with a swimming platform, and a fully-equipped gym and spa. The yacht's interior is equally impressive, with a contemporary design and high-end finishes throughout.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. The Italian Sea Group has also recently introduced the new e-Motion Hybrid propulsion system for yachts, which will be featured on their upcoming Admiral Panorama models.

This revolutionary system combines traditional diesel engines with electric motors and batteries, allowing yachts to operate in electric-only mode for hours, reducing both emissions and noise pollution.

This system provides various modes of operation:

1. Diesel main engines and electric alternators, distribute energy to all onboard services during navigation, allowing the generators to be turned off and the batteries to recharge.

2. Variable speed generators adapt their speed according to the demands of the onboard load, reducing fuel consumption.

3. Thanks to the battery pack, it is possible to power the yacht in all its services and amenities for up to 8 hours with zero emissions, no noise pollution, and a complete absence of vibrations. Additionally, it is possible to enter the port in electric mode and carry out the mooring manoeuvre with the main engines and generators turned off.

4. The batteries are equipped with the "peak shaving" function, which avoids the insertion and disconnection of the second generator for short periods during peak loads and also prevents the loss of power due to the temporary absence of shore power, a frequent occurrence that can lead to annoying blackouts.

At our company, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest technology in hybrid propulsion systems, allowing them to navigate with greater efficiency and sustainability. The combination of diesel power and electric motors provides a greener and more eco-friendly way to enjoy the open seas, while also improving the overall performance and comfort of the yacht.

The e-Motion Hybrid system uses advanced software to control the yacht's propulsion system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. When cruising at low speeds or in the harbour, the yacht can operate in electric-only mode, using the batteries to power the electric motors and providing a silent and emission-free experience. When higher speeds are required, the diesel engines kick in, providing additional power and range.

This new technology is a game-changer for the yachting industry, offering a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to enjoy the open seas. The Italian Sea Group is at the forefront of this innovation, and their upcoming Admiral Panorama models featuring the e-Motion Hybrid system are sure to impress yachting enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, the sale of the Admiral Panorama 53m superyacht is a testament to its commitment to excellence in yacht building. With its unique combination of performance, luxury, and eco-friendliness, this vessel will surely provide its future owners with an unforgettable yachting experience. And with the introduction of the new e-Motion Hybrid propulsion system for yachts, The Italian Sea Group is leading the way in sustainable yachting technology.


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