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Why you need an Electric Yacht: Marine Engines Want Hybrid

For years people have been talking about how to exploit new technologies to reduce gas emissions and stop pollution, the new frontier in technology and the environment is hybrid electric yachts.

e-Motion Hybrid Yacht Tankoa Bintador 50 m sailing on the twilight

Many efforts have been made to make transport more efficient and cleaner, as well as to manage our homes, and the benefits are indisputable.

The whole world now drives hybrid or electric cars, and great strides have been made with incredibly positive results.

Not to mention the now famous electric scooters and bicycles that have helped to better manage mobility on the roads and reduce emissions.

So why not use electric hybrid propulsion for yachts and boats?

It is no longer just a matter of taste, the real shift towards electricity in the boating industry is a necessity, and it is already our present.

E-Motion Hybrid is the leading manufacturer of hybrid systems for boats and yachts from 15 to 65 metres, always with an eye on the future, aiming to make you sail green at full power, safeguarding the environment and the sea, with all the advantages of hybrid-electric yacht propulsion.

The advantages of the e-Motion hybrid electric yacht system

The innovative e-Motion hybrid yacht system gives you the opportunity to enjoy a powerful yet environmentally friendly vehicle with all the advantages of a diesel engine in addition to those of electric yacht propulsion.

Thanks to its features, your hybrid yacht will travel on low or zero emissions, no noise, fast battery recharging to 90% in just 35 minutes or less, a drastic reduction in the hours of operation of the propulsion engines and generators, and a greater reduction in wave motion, reducing environmental impact and protecting what we love most, the sea.

yacht with e-Motion hybrid propulsion sailing and making waves

How Does Electric Hybrid Propulsion work?

When you use a diesel electric engine for yacht you can easily switch through between modes, even while the yacht is on the move.

In addition, you can comfortably navigate in marine protected areas without polluting or negatively impacting the environment.

Finally, while the boat's conventional engine is running, the electric motor is able to self-power, recharging in a matter of minutes, thus reducing dockside downtime due to battery charging.

Cable transmission also facilitates the yacht design, giving the freedom to choose where to locate the hybrid engine room.

It will no longer be compulsory to install it close to the propellers, at the stern, but it will be possible to fit it anywhere in the hull so that it is less of an obstacle and has less impact on space and comfort of life on board.

As far as charging systems for an electric yacht are concerned, we can count on infrastructures that are already present in almost every self-respecting port in the world: charging stations for the batteries of marine hybrid engines with which it is possible to fill up with electricity at the dock and which could also be adapted and developed to directly power the electric motors that act as propellers.

With all the advantages of e-Motion electric yacht systems, anyone who wants to go green will be able to travel in an environmentally sustainable way with low or zero emissions, enjoy the peaceful sound of the sea and respect the environment.

Embrace the Hybrid.


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