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Green Yacht - Sustainable Yachting with eco-friendly solutions

Building a green yacht is the way of the future for sustainable yachting.

E-Motion Hybrid offers a wide range of eco-friendly solutions for yacht owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save money simultaneously.

Our boats and yacht engines are built with cutting-edge technology, giving them better fuel economy and more power than ever before.

Xquisite green yacht use e-Motion Hybrid engine

Green and Eco-friendly Yachts

Eco-friendly solutions help you navigate the seas with a responsible, sustainable mindset. We offer hybrid propulsion for yachts, making your vacation as carbon-neutral as possible.

Make your experience on board a green one! Our hybrids are designed to be environmentally friendly by using renewable energy and other innovative solutions that reduce their impact on the environment.

Hybrid boats & yachts

The future of sustainable shipping is here, and it's in the form of hybrid boats and yachts, because they have smaller carbon footprints than conventional vessels, yet they are just as efficient.

This is thanks to the two energy sources they use simultaneously: an electric motor and a combustion engine.

The electric motor allows you to travel at lower speeds, which means that you can save fuel while still making good time across the water. The combustion engine comes into play when you need more speed or power -- so basically when you're trying to get away from pirates!

With a green yacht and the ability to sail with zero emissions, you will also have the opportunity to ply the waters of pristine and protected places, sailing in an earthly paradise with the confidence of being environmentally conscious.

Beautiful protected sea island

Are you looking for a green yacht? Well, this is the place to start.

Contact us today and start electrifying your vessel. Discover all the advantages of eco yachts and enjoy your navigation through alternative boat propulsion.

You will discover a new way of sailing, and the sea will thank you.


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